Speaker Spotlight: Sylvia Weinstock

No introduction is needed of course for our amazing friend and engage!08: the encore speaker Sylvia Weinstock!  

Sylvia Weinstock is the grande dame of cake design, one of the first to use imaginative forms for wedding cakes—introducing butterflies and bees, for example, to brides who had previously known only flowers. Her 25-year-old company, located in New York City, has created cakes for the Clinton White House as well as numerous celebrity weddings. Weinstock’s cakes have been featured in publications ranging from Modern Bride to the New York Times.

We are beyond thrilled that she will be joining us for a candid conversation about starting her business at age 50, juggling family and an all-consuming passion, competing {and winning} in the cut-throat world of the Manhattan wedding world, building and staying true to her brand {before anyone even knew what the word meant!}, flying around the world with her wedding cakes for celebrities, presidents, dignitaries, royalty and high end brides and grooms who would not dream of getting married without cutting into her spectacular wedding cake creations.

Straight off multiple appearances on the super hot show "Gossip Girl," Sylvia will also give an exclusive look at her latest book "Sensational Cakes"which will not be available for purchase until November and share details of her 'sweet' partnership with GODIVA Chocolatier.

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