Speaker Spotlight: Sean Low, President of Preston Bailey Designs

We are delighted to be sharing an industry FIRST with the attendees of engage!08: the encore.

For the first time ever, Sean Low, President of Preston Bailey Bailey Designs will be sharing his unique perspective on the BUSINESS behind the magic of one of the most recognizable wedding industry names - the one and only Preston Bailey. 

We were so honored to have Preston join us to speak at the first engage event - Sean attended as well and many attendees had the chance to get to know him and were able to talk with him about how to take their successful, creative businesses to the next level and beyond. When I approached Sean to see if he would be interested in participating in this next event he agreed on the spot - turns out he was also inspired by everyone who he met and has a TON of advice, insights and ideas to share from the business-side of the ultra-high end wedding industry.

A bit of background on Sean Low:

  • A Magna-Cum Laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with both an economics degree and as an attorney who was admitted to the bar in both New York and Ct.
  • He spent many years on Wall Street as an investment, real estate and finance attorney and walked away from it all to follow his dream by founding his own successful Manhattan-based catering company called "Red Wine with Fish?"
  • In 2003 he was offered the incredible opportunity to become the first President of Preston Bailey Designs and what success followed is legendary in the global wedding industry. In the past 5 years he has masterminded the unprecedented rise of Preston's brand around the world.  From New York to Dubai - Arkansas to Jakarta - Los Angeles to the Grenadines - Cartegena to Paris and beyond, Preston Bailey is now known around the globe as one of the premiere wedding designers of our time.
  •  Sean has been the business brain behind the creative genius and as Preston openly shares with other colleagues in the wedding industry, has transformed every aspect of his operation to ensure maximum efficiencies, uncover new and diverse opportunities, establish significant financial strength - all while providing exceptional service to some of the most demanding clientele in the world.
  • He has negotiated licensing deals, partnerships, book deals, speaking engagements and further diversified Preston's brand with companies like Sandals Resorts, 1-800 Flowers, Bulfinch Press, Macy's, Waterford, Bloomingdales, Style Network, Oxygen Network and more.
Sean will share specific strategies on how to take any wedding business to the next level, uncovering and negotiating partnerships and licensing opportunities, the importance and opportunities of diversifying your business, elevating your level of clientele - and getting paid what you are really worth {and beyond!}.

His session promises to be one of the most powerful and truly impactful of the entire event and will deliver content and insight that is unparalleled in the wedding industry!

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