*Magic* + Rave Reviews

It was *Magic*. That is the best word that I can use to describe what the premiere ofengage!08 was last week.  And while we are blown away at the rave reviews pouring in from attendees far and wide - the credit really goes to each and every speaker and attendee who came to the event with their hearts and minds fully engaged to participate, network, learn, share and grow their wedding business.

Many have blogged about their experience and we thank them profusely and invite you to visit their posts [linked] to read about their impressions: Shelby O'Connell of SO Chic Events; Liene Stevens of The Smart Planner; Christine Boulton on the Wedding Dish; Savannah Cake Designer extraordinaire Minette Rushing; Laura Marcusse onAdornBrides and more to follow!

We also wanted to share many of the heartfelt comments sent our way following the event:
  • “You produced a professional event with tremendous following and you delivered! The best part of the day was the networking opportunity!  Wow, what a great room of industry pros.  I met several people I will definitely keep in contact with!    It was awesome, high-impact, and relevant to just about everyone in the room. You left me wanting more….much more!”   -- Warren Dietel, Owner/CEO of Puff ‘n Stuff Catering
  • “Home run!!!  I'm engaged!!” -- Ed Culp, The CVP Experience
  • Engage '08, was the best money I have spent EVER in TEN years. Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce put on one heck of a business conference. I am moved, inspired and have met so many new friends. It was worth every penny and the 3 days away from home and business. -- Donna von Bruening, DVB Photography and Founder/President of Savannah Wedding Professionals, Savannah GA
  • “THANK YOU for such an enlightening, energetic, entertaining and “engaging” symposium!  Somehow, you managed to strike an intangible and difficult cord between what could possibly have been a “novice” attendee {one relatively new to the industry} and a veteran and those of us who fall somewhere in between.  I honestly don’t see how you can hit it out of the park a second time, but you set the precedent and we are counting on you!  I don’t even consider this money spent; it was such a wise investment and the perfect shot in the arm for this upcoming season. Many, many thanks once again!” -- Lisa Konecny, E Events, Winter Park, FL
  • “THANKS FOR AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE!  My head is still spinning, with the amount of information, ideas, knowledge and networking that happened at Engage!08.  I am at a loss for words to truly express how incredible, uplifting and extraordinarily ‘WOW!’, Engage!08 was! It was far beyond my high expectations and I am sure all of the attendees will agree with me.  Never have I attended a conference, symposium, trade show, whatever you want to call it, (and I have been attending them for over 15 years) and come away feeling like I did.” -- JoAnne Brown, Owner/President Celebrations Ltd. Grand Cayman
  • “Thank you again for producing this incredible event. It was such a phenomenal day to be inspired, connect with wedding industry professionals and network. I especially loved the adorable touches such as the well-branded gift bags and your apron!! You need not conduct a topic on the power of branding when the entire day was an example!!” --  Lisa Aballo – National Director of Marketing, The Knot and WeddingChannel
  • “Wow. My head is still spinning from this week! What an amazing event. This was by far the most inspirational, information, interesting, engaging, invigorating...event I've been to. (in any industry!) The size and quality of attendees and speakers was a huge plus. I felt like I could learn and connect with everyone there.” -- Laura Marcusse; Vice President & Director of Marketing, ADORN Brides
  • “Wow! What an event! The event was SO incredible and you are so, so, so inspiring to all of us that is was clearly a big hit!  Such a great time was had by all! Preston Bailey was of course, gracious and lovely as usual, but Rebecca was so inspiring that she left us wanting more. ” --  Harmony Walton, Editorial Director Get Married TV and owner of The Bridal Bar LA, Los Angeles CA
  • “It was a pure pleasure to have attended Engage 08!!  I found the event to be a great motivator...Every aspect of the event was fabulous and I applaud all your hard work. Word will definitely get out that the event was valuable and fun. I’m sure you can expect the next one to be bigger and better!” -- Sue Gilman, Publisher Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine and Caribbean Travel & Life
  • “Engage!08 was fantastic!  What a great opportunity to meet new contacts and learn new things.  I am completely blog-challenged, so it was great to learn about what is out there. It was a pleasure to hear the stories and insights from Preston and Marcy and I LOVED Simon Bailey.  I’ve already started reading the book!   Thank you again for including me in the premiere event!” -- Cynthia Boyett, Director of Catering Sales, Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman
  • “Going into engage!08 I didn’t know what to expect, but I cannot give you enough kudos on pulling off such a fabulous 2-day event. It was all just wonderful! Worth every penny spent to be there for this first event!” -- Stacie Francombe, Founder and CEO of Get Married TV
  • “Congrats for putting together such a successful event.  It was long overdue.  Thanks for having “no excuses” and making it happen.  I know some people said they could not afford to come, however I say if one truly wants to be in the know you can’t afford not to come! -- Robert T. Williams, Robert T. Williams Photography, Washington D.C.
  • “So happy for you - I knew you would ROCK - it was great!” – Joann Delgin, Chief Romance Officer, Sandals and Beaches Resorts, Miami, FL
  • “Just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for making Engage 08 such a success.  I really enjoyed the day and thought that you both did a fabulous job.” -- Natalie John, Dreamy Weddings Inc., St. Kitts + Nevis 
  • “How wonderful and indeed engaging to be at engage08!  Engage08 was amazing!  The encouragement and stimulation gleaned from Simon’s, Preston’s and Marcy’s (amongst others) talks were amazing.  Loved the way everything was themed.  And, I loved the bags we all received … The networking was brilliant … Social both evenings was terrific, too!  All in all, everything flowed beautifully and presentations were very timely.  Can’t wait for the next engage!”  -- Marva Munroe, Pelican Bay Hotel, Grand Bahama, Bahamas
  • “Thank you so much for such a wonderful event!  I had a great time meeting everyone but I also took so much away from the sessions that I am applying to our work at The Original Runner Company.  The unique setting allowed easy networking and the sessions were extremely informative.  Not only did I have fun and make friends, but I was able to create mutually beneficial business relationships.  It was such a pleasure to attend an event that was not only educational, but intimate and candid as well.  I cannot wait for the next engage!  Great job ladies!” – Emily Zurner, Wholesale Sales Manager, The Original Runner Company, New York, NY
  • “Thank you - it was fabulous!  Looking forward to the next one!” -- Jennifer Sharpe, Senior Catering Sales Manager, The Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes
  • “You have no idea how wonderful and timely the event was for me.  It was really enriching both personally and professionally.  I learn so much from the both of you that I cannot begin to thank you enough. I made so many great contacts and have not ever had a such a successful networking experience.” --Nicole Cozier, Director of Catering, Celebration Hotel
  • “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for a fabulous conference!!! It was exactly what I needed to take me to the next level, personally and in my business. I didn't want to leave, I just wanted to continue soaking up all the great information that was being shared!!” --  Renee Maddison, National Marketing Director/Simplicity Gourmet
  • “It was a pleasure to be able to participate in Engage 08! And it was especially great meeting you.” -- Maria Victoria Gomez, Corporate Romance Manager, Paradisus Resorts, Dominican Republic | Mexico | Costs Rica
  • Wow!  I've hear so many superlatives about Engage08 from Stacie, Harmony and blogs - you did a FABULOUS job. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have Harmony speak and Stacie attend.  Stacie learned a lot from the speakers and has come back with lots of new ideas.  It was worth every penny and more - those are Stacie's words.  She had no idea what to expect and is so glad that she attended.  Count us in for the next one! -- Lorraine Rennie; Director, Sales & Marketing; Get Married & GetMarried.com
  • “All I can say is WOW! Your magic touch was evident by the synergy in the room;  you put together a network of fabulous people. Thank you for allowing me to be part of Engage!08; it was truly amazing!!!” -- Dianna Fletcher, Publicist, Fletcher Media, Maine
  • “Once again, I must thank you for putting together such a wonderful day!   It was just what I needed to get me re-charged! Terrific conference! I can't wait til the next one!” -- Elisa Delgardio CSEP, PBE, Principal, A Flair for Affairs, Orlando, FL
  • “WOW!  Now THAT was a symposium!  It was everything you promised and more.  I couldn’t even begin to tell you what I enjoyed the most.  Between Simon, Marcy and Preston and all the other speakers I was engaged.  Kudos and sign me up for next year!  -- Susan Smith, Simply Elegant Weddings, Fairfax, VA
  • “Thank you for a wonderful seminar on Tuesday.  It was so well organized and presented. I came back with a ton of information to share with my team and area professionals.” -- Kerry Castillo, President, Uniquely Yours Wedding + Event Specialist, Vero Beach, FL
  • “It was such a wonderful experience and I am so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and went. Not only did I meet new friends, I can now say that I have gained valuable knowledge from the best of the best. It was well worth the money, the time away from my family, and the less than enjoyable traveling. Please keep me on the list for next year because I wouldn't miss it for the world!” --  Shelby O’Connell, SO Chic Events, Boston MA
  • “Thank you so much for being such gracious hosts. I learned so much and look forward to working with you in the near future.” --Jay Casiano, Owner/Designer, Flowers of Winter Park, Winter Park, FL
  • “I cannot express my gratitude for putting together engage!08, it was an amazing experience. As being newer in the industry, on the hotel end of everything and a Bride myself, I took away more than I would have ever expected! I feel rejuvenated and encouraged. I feel as though the sky is the limit and it is getting the tools together to reach it! I came away with some great friendships and a mind full of ideas that I keep rattling off and writing down in my green polka-dot journal! It is hard to stay focused at work with wanting to only work on new ideas and concepts, and read everyone’s blogs!  I hope one day we can host it here at Casa Monica!! Thank you for your unconditional support and friendship and for inviting amazing people from all over the spectrum to join in a great event!” -- Erin Poticny, Exceptional Events Manager, Casa Monica Hotel, St Augustine FL
  • “YOU ROCK and I am so blessed to know you not only professionally but also as a friend.  Great, great, great....kick a$$ job you did.”  -- Stacey Kane, Stacey Kane Wedding Photojournalism, Scarborough, Maine 
  • “Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful seminar!  I can't wait to put into place the things I've learned.  I think my clients will be happy too!” -- Minette Rushing, Minette Rushing Custom Cakes, Savannah, GA
  • “Oh my goodness... I had such a fine time and such an amazing experience attending.  I am beyond grateful!” -- Amber Nelson Pert, Styled Events, Celebration, FL
  • “The program was very nice, the gift bag really nice, the networking was great…I thought the whole day was great.  Seriously fabulous job!!!!” -- Heather Snively, Weddings Unique, Winter Park, FL 
  • “I loved the seminar and am so happy I went.  I am eager to put into practice doing the blog more, getting certain photos, marketing myself and more.  I so want to get out there and shoot like mad : )  I have my three crystal balls in front of me, they remind me of the seminar and going for my dreams.  That’s what the seminar was to me...to take courage and just go for it!  I can’t wait to organize my thoughts, ideas, aspirations and goals and then DO IT!  I have been dreaming of BIG things and I know I will achieve them because the seminar truly reminded me to do what I love and what my gut has been calling me to do all along.  It was well organized, exciting, inviting, had great speakers with much experience, motivating and informative.   Overall, I loved the seminar, it made me think a lot and it humbled me.  I realized how I have been sleeping too much!!!!!!!  I have much to change and grow in.  I need to spend more time doing my homework (knowing who my competition is, understanding the brides, and knowing more about the wedding industry!!!!!)  I need to meet more people, travel more, and study more.   Like I said, the seminar really woke up my brain cells!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for inviting me to the seminar, I felt so honored and privileged to be there!”  -- Darice Michelle, Darice Michelle Photography, Jacksonville, FL
  • “Engage was fantastic! Being very new to the industry, it was such a wonderful introduction. I really enjoyed how small it was; there were lots of opportunities to network with people. I really appreciated the time you took in the beginning to introduce everyone. . .made it feel a lot more personal; like each attendee was important, not just the speakers. The mix of perspectives from each of the speakers was really good, too…all in all, an incredible event!” – Trisha Hay, Owner/Designer, Trisha J Hay Graphic Designs + black.white.bliss Blog
  • “Every time I read something else about engage!08 I get a little giddy! What I want to know is when is the next one?!” – Shelby O’Connell, SO Chic Events, Boston, MA
  • “Engage!08 was an amazing and very motivational experience.  You made us feel welcome and excited about the symposium from the beginning to the end. I personally think that Engage !08 was a great success and an remarkable experience for many of us. I look forward to seeing you again!” -- Anayda Garcia, Director of Catering, Sundy House, Delray Beach, FL
  • “The Engage08 Event far exceeded my expectations.  As a wedding and event planner, I heard the name Preston Bailey and was 100% SOLD.  After hearing the other speakers, I found each of them to be just as beneficial and inspirational.  I was also really impressed with the caliber of my fellow attendees.  It is very rare to attend an event where you could learn so much from each person surrounding you.  I am ready to take my company to the next level!  It was completely thought-out and well planned.  I really look up to both you and Rebecca after hosting such a successful event.  Thank you and I am looking forward to the next Engage!” -- Ashly A. Olivier, Owner/Coordinator, Olivier Events, Inc., Orlando, FL 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to one and all for putting your faith in us and supporting this very first event. It was an honor and privilege to spend precious time with each of you.  We learned so much along the way.  Rest assured, based on the response there will be more engage! events - more details to follow SOON!

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