We've Been Blogged!

It is always exciting when others blog about you!  We were so happy that in the past week, engage!08 has been blogged about not one, not two but THREE times!

"I know many of my blog readers are in the wedding industry or thinking about getting into it, if you are definitely check out the site below.

I believe it is the first of its kind, a business to business consulting for the wedding industry on a global scale
. They say it best so I am going to steal their quote:"

“Quite simply – no one understands the "ins and outs" of this lucrative but constantly changing and super competitive market better than we do.”

Which is absolutely the truth; just take a look at who the founder is! Rebecca Grinnals! That woman is a genius!

Rebecca has set up her first B2B conference which I am thrilled to be a part of along with Rebecca and other experts. Check out the details on engage08.

Hope to see you there. I guarantee it will be worth your time.

I am really so impressed by Rebecca and her goldmine of knowledge and willingness to share to with others, where was she when I first started!"

Liene Stevens blogged and so did Harmony Walton!

Thanks to all for sharing with your blog audiences...we cannot wait for June 3rd to arrive!!!

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