Prepare to Release Your Brilliance!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that the amazing Simon T. Bailey, author of best-selling book "Release Your Brilliance" will be joining this first engage!

Wow.  Simon is just an incredible speaker and travels the WORLD inspiring business leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO's, other motivational speakers, hotel sales and marketing professionals and so many others on how to release their personal and professional brilliance.  He and I have a long history and were colleagues at Disney for many years and it has been incredible to watch his phenomenal rise to success over the past few years!  It is an honor indeed that he will be sharing some of these profound insights with us at engage!08.

Participants will be getting a signed copy of his latest book, published by Harper-Collins and I promise - you will leave more brilliant than you came!!!

Read MUCH more about Simon at his website here.

Sign up for some advance inspiration - his weekly "Brilliant Carat" e-newsletter here.

Prepare to be inspired to live your most brilliant life!!

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